Through The Roots

Few things ever grow tall without roots. For the five members of Through The Roots, it took a decade of inspired songwriting and heavy touring to develop the band’s unique sound: a modern blend of roots reggae, hip-hop, rock, and electronic pop. It’s a sound that nods to the band’s diverse influences while also reaching far beyond them, and it began humbly enough, with the guys hosting their own backyard shows in college towns across southern California.

Word spread. Crowds grew. Through The Roots bought a renovated school bus and hit the road hard, graduating from college frat parties to larger clubs, building their audience show by energetic show. Proudly based in San Diego, they also found mentors in Cali-based reggae bands like the Grammy-nominated Rebelution, who began inviting Through The Roots on a series of nationwide tours. Again, word spread and crowds grew. Throughout it all, the band kept writing and exploring new sounds, working their way toward a truly unique sound that blended tradition with technology.

Now, teaming up with LAW Records, Through The Roots is prepping new music to be released soon that will propel them to new heights and beyond.