How long have you been creating the ambiance of the festival?

Bay Area Event Lights has been creating ambiance lighting at CR since 2013 at the 4th annual CR, when camping was still in the main Bowl. This year, CR 9th Annual, will be our 6th year installing lights there.

When building the plan for California Roots what is your goal? 

When building the plan for CR, our main goal each year is to maximize the beauty of the fairgrounds with awesome lighting.

How much work goes into building the festival grounds with all this intricate lighting? 

The lighting game plan is worked on all year long, creating new ideas for bigger and brighter displays. Our team arrives a week before the festival starts to begin installing the lighting. We work 7 days straight installing, 3 days maintaining the lights during the festival, and 2 days to remove everything.

How Many lights are used each year? 

This is a very tough question. A whole lot of lights are used each year. Probably a mile of overhead bistro lighting, 100 plus LED up-lights, 10 of our special LED Trees, hundreds of strands of LED downstrings, and much more.

What is your favorite part about your job? 

At CR, my favorite part of my job is seeing everything come together so beautifully. We are one of the first crews to arrive at the fairgrounds and one of the last to leave. It is such a cool experience to see so many dedicated people working on their specific parts.

Every year, The lighting seems to compliment and enhance the fans experience. What’s your secret? 

The secret to…wait I can’t tell you our secrets. Our true secret is a great team combined with lots of hard work and tons of smiles and positivity.

When you aren’t planning and building the lightening ambiance at California Roots. What else does Bay Area Lights Events specialize in? 

During the summer months Bay Area Event Lights specializes in ambiance lighting for weddings, parties, events, and festivals. During the winter months we work for Santa Claus installing and removing Holiday lighting for residential and commercial properties.