Contrary to the popular stereotype of being an island girl with locs, I did not smoke any weed at the California Roots Festival. I know, but truth be told, I didn’t have to.

Not because there was more than enough spliff in the air to do so, but because there were so many great moments that made me felt like I was on cloud 9.

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Outside of reconnecting with my friend who I hadn’t seen in a year, below are some of the highlights. click on the links to see a few short videos.

Marlon Asher made a surprise appearance during Slightly Stoopid’s opening act.

Damian Marley made me melt with his magnetic stage presence and performance *swoon*

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Imagining how cool it must be to perform with your brother on stage. Stephen Marley.


I was this close to Michael Franti, on multiple occasions. His performance was the epitome of “feelin’ irie”.


Even for the kids.


I love that he joins the crowd on the ground to perform. You’re literally part of the experience. 20160529_201902_27308702772_o

The talented Kirk O’Hara doing what he does best.

Being in the photo pit for Rebelution was pretty freakin’ cool! The award goes to them for best lighting.



Being in the photo pit with a Samsung Galaxy S5 was… ummm humblin’. Should I add a DSLR to my Christmas wishlist or what?


Being a VIP of course! Watch behind-the-scenes.

Hey Tarrus Riley!


This was taken from one of the VIP sections. One of the most memorable moment about his performance was trying to wake up the people from their “high”. He said, “If you’re lazy, get out!” Ha! They’re not lazy Tarrus, they’re just muddafukkin’ HIGH!!!

Hope to see you next year at Cali Roots 2017!