As a photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph a variety of subjects and types of photography. My photography career began with cars and family photoshoots. I loved photography, still do however, it took me a while to find my calling. Although I loved capturing moments and photographing, I didn’t feel a passion for the subjects I was photographing. Aside from photography, I have a love for reggae music. I grew up hearing songs from Sublime coming from my parent’s stereos. I never knew what reggae was until one day in high school, hanging out in the parking lot at a friend’s car and I heard some Tribal Seeds playing through the speakers. Ever since that day, all I ever listen to is reggae music. The vibes and feelings you get while hearing all the reggae sounds still amazes me. The music inspires me and helps to inspire my photography. I can never edit without some reggae playing through the speakers. It’s what makes my photos come to life.

I never thought my photography was going to mix with my love for reggae music, until one day, an awesome local reggae band called The Millards hit me up to photograph a gig they had. I didn’t know what to expect since I knew the lighting was dark and there would be lots of movement. Any photographer knows these are not the ideal photographing conditions. I knew I loved the music and it was something new to photograph so I gave it a try. Once the band hit the stage and I set up my camera, I started running around the stage capturing moments. The music from the band on stage and the crowd behind me and the fact that I knew I was capturing special moments for the band, made me realize that I found my calling. Ever since that first show, I have photographed numerous local bands around the SF Bay Area. Every show I photograph is an amazing experience to capture moments and create lasting memories.

I enjoy photographing local shows because I am usually free to go wherever I want and take photos, whether it is capturing candids backstage in the green room or in the back of the venue with the bands, or out in the pit capturing photos of the bands on the stage doing their thing. I love that I can capture a variety of photos. I am not too sure how the California Roots Festival will be. I expect to capture amazing moments throughout the festival, however it will be my first time attending, so I am not sure what to expect. My excitement is building as the days get closer. I cannot wait for California Roots 2016. Stay tuned for my next post during the festival.