“There is a captivating aura throughout this festival unlike any other. It draws you in with open arms and instills a sense of family and community among those who attend… In our time at Cali Roots, we experienced more than words could ever describe, and by the weekend’s end we truly felt changed and inspired to live every day of our lives with a little more love in our hearts.”
– Grateful Web

 “In a time when music is under siege by corporations and big business, and festivals are turning into targets for terrorism and hate, California Roots will always remain a refuge for LOVE. Music heals all, and 2018 Cali Roots artists are true messengers of pacifism, harmony, unity.”
– Top Shelf Reggae

“California Roots is a celebration of unity in the reggae community, delivering a cosmic blend of good vibes, happiness, family, peace and love.”
– High Times

“To enjoy the roots of California’s legendary music scene, this is the festival that you need to attend. The California Roots Music and Arts Festival is a three-day affair held every May on the Monterey Fairgrounds that showcases some of the best bands and artists from around the Golden State.”

“This backyard party turned full-fledged extravaganza was literally born out of the Monterey Pop Festival’s bone yard. Its DNA is sprinkled throughout, but not concentrated into the wail of Janis Joplin or the charred guitar of Jimi Hendrix. Yes, that was 50 years ago now. But the spirit is alive at the California Roots Music & Arts Festival somehow, simmering on a dutch pot of roots reggae, bud and I an’ I… With people here for the music to be heard + experienced, instead of just being there to see each other, a well thought out festival grounds with pathways that don’t succumb to traffic jams, and copious amounts of Mary Jane — Cali Roots is a festival that will grow in lockstep with the bands they send up the charts”
– Okay Player

“California Roots Music and Arts Festival Is a Model for the Festival World…As purveyors of excellent roots and reggae, there is a decidedly earth-friendly vibe to the music at Cali Roots. It’s held in the exact spot where the Monterey Pop Festival broke barriers 50 years ago as one of the first prototypes for modern-day rock festivals. Instead of the overtly capitalistic, money-grubbing agenda many music festivals have adopted these days, Cali Roots takes inspiration from that massive shift in consciousness synonymous with late-1960s California counterculture.” 
– Medium

“Since 2010, reggae-rock and music festival enthusiasts in general have made good habit to pencil-in the festival in their calendar on a yearly basis. With favorites from all genres coming together and top-notch headlining artists consistently on the bill, Cali-Roots has truly become a movement as well as an experience, offering much more than just the incredible music itself.”
– The Pier

“Presenting both established and up-and-coming performers from the realms of hip-hop, reggae, rock and roots, California Roots is expanding its international reach.” 
– Billboard

“The 2017 festival season is already shaping up to be a year of “partying with a purpose” and we applaud these continued efforts to preserve our earth’s dwindling resources. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more festivals joining Cali Roots’ lead this year…the festival has made huge strides in just four years’ time, thanks to clever environmental partnerships and a dedicated in-house team..Plenty of festivals across the world can learn from what Cali Roots has done and learned, and Sheehan has wisdom to impart on those willing to put in the work.” 
– Everfest

“Also known as Cali Roots, it has become the defacto family reunion, on and offstage, for the American reggae community and fans reap the benefits every year with once in a lifetime magical onstage collaborations like in 2015, when during Nahko and Medicine for the People’s set, he brought onstage: Jacob Hemphill from SOJA, Hirie, Nattali Rize and Trevor Hall. What ensued was some of the best 20 minute improvisational collusion amongst artists I have seen. Just epic.” 
– Reggaeville

“This year’s lineup features some amazing and diverse headliners. From legendary nostalgic acts like Nas and Jurassic 5 to other jaw-dropping artists like Iration and Thievery Corporation; Cali Roots delivers a truly eclectic lineup like no other.”
– Fest Hype

“Another magical weekend in Monterey came and went. Memorial Day Weekend at the Monterey Fairgrounds has become commonly known as the ‘Coachella of reggae music’, something ‘indescribable’ and ‘an experience of a lifetime’. Ever since the premiere Cali Roots back in 2010, the festival has morphed and coagulated into something so much more than merely a display of topnotch music and art – it is a movement. A movement, by definition, doesn’t ebb and flow with the status quo: it leads the resistance; it tangents away from the norm; it provides the people with a better option. That is just scraping the surface of what the California Roots Music and Arts Festival brings to the proverbial table. You simply cannot put Cali Roots into words.”
– Top Shelf Reggae

“Despite the first two words in its name, the California Roots Music and Arts Festival isn’t just about California, nor is it just about roots and reggae music. The event, which the promoters say is ‘a calling,’ was directly inspired by the legendary west coast festivals of the 1960s. Attempting to recapture that ecstatic vibe is the festival’s mission, and to do so they branch out far beyond California and loosely use the phrase ‘roots’ to encompass an enormous range of genres and styles.”
– Marquee Magazine

“There comes a point in the day of a festival where you and your friends are on the same level, the same wavelength, just enjoying the music… but you ain’t even speaking English anymore and the rest of the night is a rush of colorful music and dancing. After some more great performances, we had made it through Day 1… The Cali Roots Experience is so epic that it’s hard to explain without going down some rabbit holes and leaving parts out—which is why you just have to be there if you can! I highly recommend this festival to anyone who loves reggae or is just looking for an uplifting time with great people in a beautiful place.” 
– Root Fire

“Looking for a fresh, laid back event where you can immerse your soul in great music, transcending art and blissful vibes? Look no further because the 8th Annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival is just around the corner!”
– Mass Roots

“One of the largest reggae festivals in the country, California Roots “delivers a cosmic blend of good vibes, true happiness, family, peace, love and joy to all who enter.” The three-day festival takes place at the Monterey County Fairgrounds, where Jimi Hendrix famously lit his guitar on fire in 1967.” 
– Music Festival Wizard

“One of California’s leading music and arts festivals, California Roots Music and Arts Festival, is taking initiatives to expand its greening efforts for the upcoming 2017 festival taking place the weekend of May 26th-28th, 2017, in the lovely Monterey, CA. The festival brings top tier reggae and roots music to the area’s deeply rooted music scene for three jam-packed days of tunes, community, art and sustainability… Bringing us a diverse selection of reggae, hip hop, folk, and rock, California Roots was sweet music to our ears, and nourishment to our souls. Walking in one can feel this is not your typical festival vibes. The mood is mellow. Everyone is lounging and taking in the warmth of the lovely California sun while bathing in thought provoking, booty shaking melodies.”
– Compose Yourself Magazine

“Cali Roots…is one of the most environmentally proactive fests of its size, a ‘zero waste’ event where everything is recyclable and compostable, making this about as guilt-free experience as can be had in 2017.”
– Large Up

“The biggest local show, in its eighth year, brings Cali Roots dipping back into its hip-hop stash with some additions to the reggae-rock norm. A couple years back, The Roots, Dilated Peoples and Cypress Hill generated crossover appeal. After following a fairly straightforward reggae-rock formula in 2016, Cali Roots is mixing it up again, delivering Nas, the prophet behind one of hip-hop’s most influential records, Illmatic.” 
– Monterey County Weekly

“As always there will be plenty of captivating art throughout the festival, with an art & wine retreat, yoga sessions with Ben ‘Good Vibes’ Spellman and an after dark lounge with fire dancers and live painting among other visual delights.”
– Sacramento Press

“I’m such a huge fan of this festival, for all the great music and irie vibes that bring people together in solidarity… Reflective of the Cali Roots style of presenting music with a message, all three of these acts will provide an awesome experience to cap each day rocking out in the same space where hundreds of legendary artists have appeared over the years… It’s Cali Roots time and people are streaming into town for the three-day music and arts festival that celebrates a caring culture of inclusiveness, global consciousness and environmental sustainability. The California Roots Music & Arts Festival’s impressive growth, becoming one of our premier annual music festivals after only four years, is built on a blueprint of family values, often bringing back musical acts year in and year out.”
– Monterey Herald

“Presented as ‘a movement’ versus a music festival, California Roots is based on a foundation of reggae and roots, expanding beyond that realm with hip-hop and downtempo acts.”
– Pacific San Diego

“The California Roots Festival is three day extravaganza boasting over 45 of the best reggae acts, and a few outstanding rappers… Personally for me the overall highlight of the 2017 Cali Roots Music and Arts Festival was seeing and hearing the Dirty Heads perform live. The crowd was fired up from the start to finish. The overall feeling and vibes of this festival were all about cruising, being kind and enjoying all of what California has to offer”
– Mountain Weekly

“Venture south to Monterey to engage in one of the raddest music and art festivals on the coast. The California Roots Festival, inspired by a performance Jimi Hendrix gave on site in the 60s, delivers good vibes, good music and good feelings.” 
– Mcguire Real Estate Blog

“News flash: The year to come is full of uncertainty. But at least one thing is guaranteed. Monterey County’s – and Northern California’s – music will, in a word, rock. The biggest local show, in its eighth year, brings Cali Roots dipping back into its hip-hop stash with some additions to the reggae-rock norm.”
– Monterey County Weekly

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