Carlos M. Gonzales

Carlos M. Gonzales is a professional photographer based in the Monterey County. His company ProPix Media specializes in music, portraiture and sports photography. His unique vision and willing to think outside the box is what drives him to capture more than a photo. Carlos embraces the responsibility that comes with being a professional photographer. Anyone can snap a picture but not everyone can capture the story behind it.

Christopher L Greer

Christopher L Greer is an event photographer based on the beautiful Treasure Coast of Florida. He’s been working with the Cali Roots crew for 7 years, and is excited to be officially joining the Photography team in 2019/2020. Chris has an extensive portfolio with Pitline Media, ranging from Metallica, Katy Perry and many of the incredible artists on the line up. He loves shooting photos… Whether it’s sunsets, landscapes, portraits or live music. “The art of photography is everywhere! Being in the camera pit photographing talented artists is an amazing feeling!”


Keith Zacharski

Keith is a professional photographer based out of Oceanside, CA. He always had a passion for documenting moments in time. It all started in junior high, when he began field recording live music. From his roots in audio recording, Keith became fascinated by photography and how a picture can be seen and interpreted in different ways to anyone who saw it.

Fast-forward a few years later, Keith has become known for his unique approach in capturing a moment, vibe, and feeling, and from it, creating a visual image. He thrives on being in rhythm with the subject he is capturing, whether its Mother Nature or a musician’s performance. A few of his artist clients include Shawn Mendes, Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure, Pepper, and many more.

Music has always had a significant impact on Keith’s life in one way or another. He has played in bands, worked various roles within the music/festival industry, and now enjoys the role of capturing images of the magic unfolding in front of his lens.

Keith supported Bulldog Media at the California Roots 2019!


Marissa Elder

Marissa has been apart of the California Roots Movement for 8 years now, this being her ninth. The second year of the festival, back in 2011, was her first as a volunteer. She has now been a photographer for California Roots on Bulldog Media for the past 7 years. Marissa looks forward to this weekend all year long because she loves to help capture the experience. Getting into the crowd to capture everyone’s dancing and smiling faces is her favorite. Being apart of California Roots has been a dream come true and a life changing experience. Looking forward to another amazing year with you all in Monterey!