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HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy. We reach young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – to inform and empower.



The Last Prisoner Project focuses on three key criminal justice reform initiatives: clemency, expungement, and reentry. A core focus of the project is to release incarcerated individuals. Data shows, however, that released prisoners are destined to fail without the proper resources in place. Reentry can be incredibly difficult, and two thirds of released prisoners will be arrested again within three years. Additionally, a criminal record can be a significant barrier to employment, housing, financial assistance, and more.



Inspired by late Sublime front man Bradley Nowell, the Nowell Family Foundation provides addiction recovery services to the music community. Music is a powerful medium, and the industry has far-reaching influence. The foundation believes that offering hope and  healing to musicians can have an exponential impact on the fight  against the nationwide opioid epidemic.



Please welcome California Roots 2019 Non-Profit Partrner Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. – RFFI!

Their mission is to acquire, protect, restore, and manage forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there.

For 2018, we’ve partner with the Redwood Forest Foundation, inc. to plant over 1800 trees! Recently, Forestry Techs carried the first batch of 900+ redwood seedlings over three miles into the wood to plant, in an effort to complete a reforestation project!



Our Mission: Uniting around the music we love, tackling the environmental and social issues we face, REVERB is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering millions of individuals to take action toward a better future for people and the planet. Our Philosophy: All of us can be active participants in protecting the environment and creating real, large-scale, and measurable change. We believe that making change is not all-or-nothing — many people doing a few things will have more impact than a few people doing everything.

There’s a lot to do. But we have you, and we have us. And there’s power in us. Let’s come together around the things we love and be bigger than the problems we see. Let’s be the solution. We need you. We need us. Band Together.




From policy change to educational programs and cleanups to speaker series, Save Our Shores @saveourshores is ensuring ocean conservation is actively occurring throughout the community. Our various programs and projects are designed to support the foundations of a thriving Monterey Bay: clean shores, healthy habitats and living waters.

Photo Credit: Kim Steinhardt



UnChained fosters empathy, respect and responsibility in youth through the human-animal bond. Its Canines Teaching Compassion program teaches youth to train homeless dogs in skills, manners and socialization, helping the dogs be adopted. Youth develop values of patience, respect and responsibility through caring for and building relationships with their dogs.

Training homeless dogs who share similar experiences of neglect, abandonment or abuse enables participants to feel empathy while improving their own sense of self-worth. Youth Trainers report pride in their accomplishments, increased patience and comfort in being themselves.

When youth are part of resolving a community problem, such as finding homeless animals homes, they experience a sense of purpose and belonging. Youth Trainers, who are often from under-served communities affected by violence, take their skills, empathy and hope back to their peers and families.

The new-found confidence enables them to become a more contributing member of their family, school and community.

Since 2016 when we initiated our nonprofit program, Cali Roots has raised tens of thousands of dollars and brought awareness, education, and a community platform to some incredible nonprofit organizations.

Every year, we hand select nonprofits with huge determination and passion to bring change for the good of people, animals and our planet. We’ve intentionally selected nonprofits with a grassroots approach that would be directly impacted by the support we could offer. Each year we seek out nonprofits that align with our personal passions – the ocean, forest, dogs, music & health.

One of the key nonprofit areas that sets California Roots apart is the dedication to creating an environmentally conscious event that benefits the surrounding community, educates and engages the attending fans, and provides a music festival model that is truly sustainable. By aligning with other like-minded companies, California Roots continues to make earth-wise choices and hold firm on their commitment to be a sustainable event.

We require our nonprofits to be onsite with a booth space that has a creative activation that will draw people in so they can share more about their mission and educate attendees on how they can help make a difference. (No one will forget Save Our Shores’ cigarette butt in 2018!)

Three years ago, we implemented a new method of supporting our chosen nonprofits, by pairing them with revenue-generating programs to raise money in addition to the awareness. Campers Care and Guest List Gives Back has raised over $14,000 for nonprofits. Our partnership with Reverb & their Rockin Refill Program has donated an additional $10,000. Through our work with Love Hope Strength, we have gained 6 bone marrow matches! WOW! Our collaboration with RFFI has allowed us to plant almost 5,000 redwood seedlings in Northern California over the past four years, helping reforest areas in the Usal Forest.

We are incredibly proud and humbled by the success of our work with nonprofits and 2020 is shaping to be another milestone year for our program. Make sure to check out this year’s recipients on our website & onsite on NonProfit Row.

Festival Co-Producer Dan Sheehan enthusiastically states, “We have such a strong community within our Cali Roots family, that we knew we could give back to the causes that impact all of us and our next generation of music lovers. It amazes us each year how our nonprofit and greening partnerships continue to deepen. The money and awareness we’ve raised with like-minded organizations in the past few years is just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to expand our nonprofit programs.”

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