Interactive Art

California Roots Music and Arts Festival has always been rooted in a genuine enthusiasm for an experience that stimulates all senses through a release of creativity that can be heard, felt, seen, and embodied. We have pioneered the Cali Roots experience, partnering interactive art and music to create an immersive experience.

At its earliest stages, our visual art program focused on creating a relationship between the music and visual expression, pairing live painters on stage with band performances. Ever evolving we continued to expand the visual art components, partnering with visual artists across the country. We witnessed an empowering breakthrough sweeping across our various featured artists. “Cali Roots changed my life and growth as an artist” was commonly quoted among new and returning artists. Something was happening that was beyond monetary success, something that they could harness and instill in their interactions outside of our weekend event.

With further growth, we were very excited to expand our movement beyond the stage. We believed there was a longing for a more interactive experience between the festival goers and artists. Throughout the venue we began to offer one-on-one activations, such as interactive workshops and pop-up artist stations, connecting the artists directly with the fans. Our prize gem is the “Art Retreat” where fans have the opportunity to participate and interact, to meet the artists and find the art that speaks to them. The surrounding Monterey area is rich with local art and the Art Retreat is common ground to many local artists who make an impact on the community year round.

One of our most recognized advocates for helping festival goers find their inner artist and get hands-on has been Haven Art Live. Our interactive painting workshops that they host help give each festival-goer the tools to discover and get in touch with their creative side..

This year we are excited for fans to experience our interactive art scattered throughout the venue via the Art Retreat, Paint Workshops, other special interactive activities and the Festival Fashion Zone where you can find sustainable and freeing expression through fashion!