Greening Initiatives

Bike & Skate Valet


For the past six years, Cali Roots has partnered with Green Pedal Couriers to provide our festival goers with a free and secure onsite Bike & Skateboard Valet.

Green Pedal Couriers is the only fast and eco-friendly courier service in the Monterey area and we love working with them to encourage everyone to consider alternate ways to get to our festival!

Carbon Offset


Starting in 2015, Cali Roots has partnered with TripZero to offset the travel carbon footprint of staff, performing artists, and fans using the commissions of festival room blocks.

For four years, TripZero has offered discounted hotel blocks with the very best room rates, and offset 7,623,473 pounds of carbon through various certified carbon offset projects around the world.

Redwood Program


In 2017, Cali Roots partnered with the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) for the first time, committing to planting two redwood trees for every Redwood (VIP) ticket sold. Every year, our devotion to plant more redwood trees increases as does our love for the incredible work RFFI does on our behalf.

RFFI’s mission is to acquire, protect, restore, and manage forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there.

For 2019 Cali Roots has pledged to work with RFFI to plant 2,000 redwood seedlings, some of which are being tended to by Northern California fire victims, and will be planted on land ravaged by recent wildfires.

Steel Pint Program


In 2012, at the 3rd Annual California Roots Festival, Producers were horrified to see the amount of plastic beer cups strewn around the venue after the music ended on Saturday night. Right then and there, they pledged to make an immediate change and the Cali Roots Steel Pint Program was born. Through this program, we have diverted close to 250,000 plastic cups from the landfill since 2013.

Waste Diversion


We are committed to being a zero-waste event, diverting all vendor organics and recyclables from the landfill as well as composting in public concession areas. Cali Roots is proud to collaborate with Blue Strike Environmental, a local organization, to reduce our waste and associated environmental impacts, including emissions, and to conserve natural resources.

Water Conservation


Water Refill Stations:

We are proud to continue efforts to completely eliminate single use water bottles by providing FREE, filtered water refill stations throughout the festival’s front and back of house. Bring one empty water bottle from home and fill it up to your heart’s content at the festival! Check back one-month before the festival for a map with all refill station locations.

This program brought to you in partnership with REVERB, a non-profit working toward environmental and social causes with musicians and their fans. More at

Festival Water Bottles:

If you forget to bring your own water bottle, or would like a new one, we offer re-usable, Cali Roots branded Nalgene water bottles at the festival merchandise booth & at certain water-refill stations. Proceeds will be donated to one of our featured Festival Non-Profits. Nalgene water bottles are made in the USA, using BPA-free, recyclable materials.