Stick Figure at California Roots FestivalIf you were in The Bowl today when Stick Figure played then you felt it – the sound of a band hitting an ultimate pinnacle and sending out a storm of positivity throughout the entire festival. It was absolutely one of the defining moments of the weekend here, as the enormous area surrounding the stage overflowed with positive people in every direction.

Smoke rose slowly from smiling lips and met blue skies, while Stick Figure pulsed the beat of our lives in the background. Life is made up of moments, and for over an hour those moments were forever solidified in our memories with Stick Figure as the soundtrack.

It has been truly amazing watching Stick Figure evolve into the band they are today, as it all began with thoughts of inspiration in Scott Woodruff’s mind years ago. Cocoa the Tour Dog panted happily at the foot of the stage, and the smiles on the band directly reflected those of the crowd here at California Roots. It’s so awesome to think that this same inspiration ultimately brought such positive effects to so many lives, and I feel honored to have been a part of this momentous occasion for a band filled with genuinely kind and wonderful people – my heartfelt thanks goes out to Scott Woodruff, KBong, Tommy Sulliman and Kevin Offitzer for sharing your musical inspiration with the world.

I’m amazingly happy to have shared this special moment with all of the beautiful people at California Roots today, and I encourage you to share this moment by sharing on Facebook and tagging a friend that you were able to experience it with.