Ladies and gents, it’s almost here! The weekend for which we’ve been planning, prepping, and anticipating, the 10th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival is less than two weeks away. The Powers That Be have gone above and beyond for us this year guys, bringing us the art, vendors and adventures that the festival is known for. For the 10th Annual show though, everything is going to be kicked up a notch, with more interactive art experiences, intensive installations, and pop-up sessions than we’ve ever seen at Cali Roots before.

To help you prepare for this year’s extravaganza, I will walk you through the best things to bring, what not to forget and how to be ready for any adventure at the 2019 California Roots Music & Arts Festival.


Are you ready for anything?

  • This year we will continue our beloved tradition of early morning yoga at 10:15 am on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to nab your spot and start off your day with good energy and peace, don’t forget to pack your yoga mat and get ready to breath in harmony with your neighbors at the Cali Roots Stage. Check the link below for a list of highly rated yoga mats if you’re in the market!

The 8 Best Yoga Mats of 2019

  • It’s no secret that Monterey gets pretty chilly at night, but have no fear! Alex’s After Dark Lounge is the perfect place to spread out your blankets, cuddle close with your besties and enjoy the last two sets of the night. Whether you like to keep it classic with a California Roots blanket or you’re more of an inflatable couch kind of guy, you’re going to want to bring some blankets to snuggle into when the sun goes down. Included is a link to lead you to a list of travel blankets if you’re looking for something more compact.

Top 15 Best Travel Blankets of 2019 – a Complete Guide

  • Has this happened to anyone else? You and your friends have scoped out the perfect spot in front of the stage for your favorite artist, when all of a sudden, you have to leave! You have to go the bathroom, get a drink, grab your sweater…it really doesn’t matter, you just have to go. But you’re terrified that you’ll never be able to find your friends in this insane crowd again! Have no fear, you can easily solve this problem before it even happens while looking like the coolest kid at the festival. What is this magic, you ask? All you have to do is bring some sort of flag or totem with you to wave above the masses, and you will always be ready to fly solo. If you’ve ever lost your friends, just look for your group’s signal and be ready to fight your way through the crowd. Good luck!

Just for fun, here’s a link to a list of inflatable sea creatures:

Amazon Inflatable Creatures

What clothes and accessories should I bring?

  • Like I said, it gets cold in Monterey, and the weather can switch up on you really quickly. In order to be comfortable throughout the weekend, make sure you layer up! Multiple layers can help make sure that you’re ready whether or not it’s overcast or sunny, because it will most likely switch back and forth throughout the day. Comfortable shoes are also a must since you’ll spend a lot of the weekend walking back and forth to different stages, booths and events.
  • When it comes to accessories, don’t be afraid to stock up! Things like reusable water bottles, sunglasses, chapstick, extra lighters, sunscreen, dry shampoo, baby wipes and portable chargers are all items that come in handy throughout the three-day weekend. There will be water stations throughout the venue for you to fill up your own water bottles, and charging stations for phones will be conveniently available at the Locker Rental location. Check out the links below for some environmentally sustainable water bottles, portable chargers, and sunglasses.

10 Stylish Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

The best power banks of 2019: portable chargers to keep your gadgets going

Sunglasses For Festivals and Beyond

  • Two of the most important things you can bring to the festival are your ID and your money! If you don’t want to bring cash, there are ATM machines placed throughout the venue. Coming from a former skeptic, I have found that the foolproof way to keep track of your essentials is by wearing a fanny pack! Everything you need is at your fingertips, whether you’re drooling over the Baby Mini Donuts, checking out the goods at Norcal Smoke Shop, or browsing through the Art Walk with wine in hand, you’re going to want to have your wallet handy. Plus let’s be real here guys, fanny packs are cute. There’s really no downside here. Here’s a link to a list of some cool fanny packs if you’re still on the hunt: 31 Cute Fanny Packs For Festival Season

Well everyone, I hope you’re as pumped for the 10th annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival as I am. I know a lot of us look forward to this weekend all year. It feels like coming home, and for good reason. California Roots creates a community, a family, and when you’re a there if feels like it’s own little world. We should be ready for anything the festival throws at us, now let’s get ready to party.

If you find yourself wondering about anything else you can or cannot bring to the fairgrounds, click the link below for an extended list of banned items, or download the California Roots app to get access to all festival information and updates.