“I know this won’t last forever
But I wish this would last forever” – Eric Rachmany, Rebelution

Photos: Gary Churchill and Sean McCracken Photography, Stage Media

Now that California Roots came and went, most of us are back to our regular routines and normal lives. As the electric buzz from the festival fades like a dream into the recesses of our memories, I can’t help but think how magical life was just a couple weeks ago…

At one point, I stood surrounded in the historic bowl stage by 10,000 or so other smiling faces, singing “Could You Be Loved” with two of Bob Marley’s kids – a historic and beautiful moment I’ll cherish the rest of my life. The entire weekend was filled with breathtaking moments like this, as we all happily experienced the music and art-filled wonderland that is California Roots.

Sunday night when Rebelution’s insanely catchy and high-energy set came to a close, their singer Eric Rachmany sang the song “Fade Away”, and I felt the power of his words fall over the audience like a warm blanket of truth.

We raised our flickering lighters in the brisk Monterey air, and all of a sudden it became crystal clear to me that it was almost over. Our smiles, laughs, and moments of pure joy would be finished soon. As happy and fun as it had all been, even our finest moments can’t outrun the constant flow of time.

Eventually, they fade into blissful daydreams that we think about during long days at work.

And as much as we’d like, the weekend just couldn’t last forever. California Roots is but one special time of the year, and comes and goes in what seems like the blink of an eye. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t bring the feelings of community and love we find there into our lives every single day.

Sean McCracken Stage Media - Eric RachmanyEarlier in the festival, Thrive! from Santa Cruz sang harmoniously, “WE ARE ONE!

This stuck out to me as not only a beautiful moment of music, but as a reminder. With all the insanity and hateful emotions we see day-to-day in the world, it’s up to us to be the change – be the difference you want to see out there. Good vibes aren’t just for peaceful days of music with friends; they’re for everyday of our lives, and perhaps most importantly practiced in our everyday lives.

Shows, festivals and experiences are always coming and going, but the vibes that we feel and the general kindness and good nature of our coming together doesn’t have to end there.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in traffic on your commute to work, out grocery shopping, or even just waiting in line somewhere, you can find beauty and brilliance in any moment.

Thrive! live at California Roots 2016. Photo Credit: Sean McCracken, Stage Media

Thrive! live at California Roots 2016. Photo Credit: Gary Churchill, Stage Media

There’s always natural art around us to be appreciated, and who knows – you could alter another person’s entire life simply by flashing a smile or showing a small act of kindness. How many times are we so focused on getting to where we’re going that we forget to enjoy the ride?

The notion that we are one, and have the power to bring the feelings we find at places like California Roots into our everyday lives and interactions, is one that I truly believe in, and one that can change the world for the better.

Next year’s Memorial Day weekend will eventually roll around again, and people will travel from far and wide to experience the magic that is California Roots, but don’t wait until then to unleash your love to the world.

Feel it now, in this moment, and in every moment possible, and you can bring the magic and positive vibes of California Roots into every single day of your life. Moments never last forever, but we can choose to use our moments wisely and bring new shades of fun, brilliance and positive change to the world all the time.

Don’t be someone who waits for one weekend of the year to be the best person you can be, be that person every day.

Until next year, let the good vibes roll…

Photos: Gary Churchill and Sean McCracken Photography, Stage Media