California Roots – Can’t Stop the Music

By: Christopher Greer of Pitline Media

I want everyone to imagine for a moment…

The concert lights flashing, the music vibrating and the smoke gusting through the air. Vocalists bringing Emotion and Good Vibes throughout the atmosphere of California Roots Music and Arts Festival. Smiles of Happiness and Hugs of Friendship surrounding everyone in the Monterey, CA Fairgrounds. People moving to the sounds flowing throughout the bowl touching on eardrums with pure bliss. We sing along to our favorite songs. Holding our Pint Cups high in the air. For the next 3 days we are leaving our stress and drama of life to the sidelines. Because today we celebrate with our CaliRoots Family! A tradition that has gone on for over a decade now.

This year is different in so many ways. The distance we are apart is far and wide. We may not be experiencing CaliRoots in the same way we have at every Memorial Day Weekend before this. But thanks to the hard working masterminds behind the show, we will still celebrate. We will still share Smiles, Music and Art with our Friends and Family at California Roots! Because we are too passionate! We are too strong! Curve balls can be thrown our way in 2020… but they Can’t Stop the Music at California Roots!

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