Now that California Roots 2016 is over, it is time for the sad moment after everyone has returned back to their routines to think about the fun and good times they were having last weekend. This weekend is especially bittersweet because it will be full of fresh memories and reminiscing on the moments we were all having last weekend at Caliroots. Hopefully the photos in this post will help ease the post Caliroots depression, and let you think back to the fun we were all having last weekend at the California Roots festival.




Caliroots is an amazing festival to experience, a festival full of love and smiles. From the crowd to the artists to the staff, everyone had smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. A look on their face that said there was nowhere else they’d rather be. I know I’ll remember the festival for the rest of my life, not only because it was my first time attending, but because it gave us so many memorable moments on and off the stage. It allowed us to make new friends and meet new people. It allowed artists to meet their fans and converse with them on a personal level. It gave us new songs and the ability to reminisce on the first time we heard those songs. California Roots was something special and the only way I can describe it is love and passion. A passion that was obvious when Micheal Franti jumped into the crowd. You could see the love and passion in his performance and how how much he loves and cares about his fans and his music.


Another memorable moment was the small acoustic sets in the Folktale Winery Art and Wine Retreat area by artists like the Sun Dried Vibes and Josh Heinrichs. These acoustic sets were amazing to experience and see the passion they had for their music as they performed on a small intimate stage. It was awesome seeing Josh Heinrichs meeting his fans and signing their gear. The Sun Dried Vibes played an awesome set that had all the fans pull out their phones and capture the moments for themselves.



A moment that I found so cool was the moment when Sticky Fingers left the stage after playing the most amazing set. The yells and cheers from the crowd asking for one more song was so loud. It was obvious they felt the love from the crowd as they returned to the stage and played an awesome encore.


Although I am sad that it ended, I will probably spend the rest of the weekend looking back at my photos from the festival reminiscing about Caliroots 2016. I am happy and thankful to have had the opportunity to experience such an amazing weekend and the chance to experience it with everyone. Thank you California roots, hope to see you next year.