California Roots Music Festival is a fully accessible event and we are continually trying to improve our accessible accommodations. We welcome all feedback and suggestions from patrons. Please read through this guide as we explain all our services including mobility assistance, alternative communication and visual accommodations.

Feel free to contact us at:

For any emergencies or if you require immediate assistance at the festival site, please locate the closest staff member to assist you.

Access Center

The main Accessibility Center is located just to the right of the main entrance. Please see map for specific location. This is the information hub for all accessibility-related questions and/or concerns.This is also the location to check in to acquire access wristbands for viewing areas, recharge batteries, and acquire Assisted Listening Devices. Stop by and say hello to the friendly Access Team, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Accessible Viewing Areas

There will be viewing areas with chairs at the the two main stages, made available for ADA patrons that need to be able to see over the crowd. ADA patrons are welcome to have one companion with them on the viewing areas. Please note that these areas are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see festival map for specific locations and visit the Access Center to acquire access to these areas.

Assisted Listening Devices

There will be assisted listening devices available at the Access Center for patrons who are hard of hearing. These devices are hooked up to the main stages throughout the entire weekend. There is no charge for these devices, only credit card information will be needed as collateral.


All ATM machines are accessible and are located throughout the venue. Please contact the closest staff member to inquire about the nearest ATM.


There are concession stands and areas that are accessible to patrons with disabilities. If you need any assistance at the concessions, please contact the nearest staff member.


There are medical tents located throughout the venue. Please see map for specific locations.


There is LIMITED ADA parking available to ADA patrons, and is located right in front of the main venue entrance. All vehicles parked there must have valid handicap credentials, such as a placard or license plate.


There will be wheelchair accessible restrooms available and located throughout the venue. Most accessible restrooms will be pad-locked to ensure exclusive use by ADA patrons. Please stop by the Access Center to gain access to these facilities.

Service Animals

Pets and emotional support animals are not permitted on the festival grounds, with an exception made for service animals as covered by law. Service animals must be trained for a specific function, related to a disability. For more information, or to register your service animal, please visit the Access Center.

Sign Language Interpreters

For more information about ASL performance interpreters at Cali Roots 2022, please email us at: