This year California Roots has partnered with the Redwood Forest Foundation (, to plant 800 new redwood seedlings. Check out our interview with RFFI, it will give you a little more information about the organization, the importance of a community forest and more!

For those just learning about RFFI, can you explain your mission as an organization?

Sure! The Redwood Forest Foundation is a grass-roots, non-profit organization that acquires, protects, restores, and manages forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there.
Quite a mouthful, I know! RFFI was created by local residents who worked together to transcend the bitter strife known as the “Timber Wars”. In 1997, after years of working to move beyond the rancor and sometimes violent conflict to establish common ground, a group of stakeholders with widely divergent perspectives formed the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI). In 2007, RFFI bought the Usal Redwood Forest, a 50,000 acre redwood forest. These stakeholders, with highly disparate points of view, now work together to sustainably manage the forest in order to revitalize the ecology, economy and social equity of the redwood region. We have a number of other projects that you can read about at

What is a Community Forest and why are they so important?
“Community Forest” means many things to different people. RFFI sees it as a wonderful ecological and economic resource, a forest where local residents play an active role in the management of their natural resources. It is important because a forest of this size benefits the planet and the wildlife, fish and people who live in it and nearby. The RFFI perspective on community forests is founded on the integration of social, economic and environmental attributes.

This partnership is very exciting!
We agree! We are very excited about this partnership with like-minded folks- Cali-Roots like RFFI is a grass-roots organization that is demonstrating that economic and ecological goals can be achieved simultaneously with enjoyment and social engagement. We love the symbolism of the Redwood Pass. It offers us an opportunity to partner throughout the redwood region from the Oregon border to Monterey county, the only place in the world where coastal redwood forests grow naturally.

Over 800 trees will be planted because of this partnership. What type of carbon offset and benefits will come from planting those trees?
Recent university studies confirm that redwood forests remove and store more carbon from the atmosphere per acre than any other forest on the planet. We all try to reduce our own carbon footprint. Planting redwoods, redwood reforestation, takes it one step further; it actually removes some of the carbon dioxide that is changing our climate. These redwoods convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and water and store the carbon for thousands of years. In time, other redwoods will be planted at this spot; together they will also provide wildlife habitat.

Where will the trees for the Redwood Passholders be planted?
RFFI will supply 800 redwood seedlings that were carefully nurtured from locally gathered seeds. They will be planted this winter in honor of Cali Roots and the Redwood Pass holders in Point Arena, CA on land owned by a non-profit organization known as “This Will Take Time”. It is part of a larger reforestation project at that site. Once the trees are in the ground you will be able to view them online at

Will Redwood pass holders be able to personally visit these trees?
Yes. RFFI and “This Will Take Time” will hold two events a year to celebrate and share the trees with Redwood Passholders. In addition, visits can be made by prior appointment at other times. Please ask your Redwood Passholders to contact Lin Barrett at for more information.

For those wanting to get involved, what can they do?
RFFI welcomes community involvement. First, Volunteer! We need all kinds of help. We have local volunteers and those who help us from a distance. Visit our webpage and sign up to volunteer Secondly, Donate. Online donations are easy to make at A fun way to donate is through our Plant a Redwood Now program Donors can make a donation and have redwoods planted in honor of family, friends and loved-ones. This is a great gift for any occasion. Finally, spread the word. Sign-up on for our newsletter and periodic eBlasts.

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