California Roots Festival is proud to partner with these amazing Non-Profit Organization that our changing our world for the better.

Guitars Not Guns

Using music as a catalyst Guitars Not Guns encourages children and teens to use their creativity to foster personal development and to help divert them from the destructive influences of drugs, alcohol, and gang-related violence.

The Last Plastic Straw

The Last Plastic Straw strives to educate the public about the absurdity of single use plastic, its effects on our health, our environment, and our oceans. We aim to eliminate from the source, the use of single use plastic.


Yes I Can “Unity Through Music & Education” is a program working with grades 9th-12th, bringing students with special needs on the autism spectrum, together with general education mentors with the goal of building social inclusion. They spend a majority of the school year working together to produce the Summer Meltdown Autism Awareness Arts & Music Festival. The students, of all ability levels, work alongside hired music professionals in the live entertainment industry to gain a skill set needed to throw a first class production.

Love Hope & Strength

Love Hope Strength (LHS) is the world’s leading Rock n Roll cancer charity working to save lives, one concert at a time. This is accomplished by implementing bone marrow donor registry drives at concerts, festivals and other events all over the world in an attempt to identify life-saving marrow donors for cancer patients in need of transplants.


The Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. (RFFI) is a private non-profit, Section 501(c)3 organization.
Our vision is to establish community-based forests that provide both critical habitat for increased biodiversity and improved regional economic vitality. Our mission is to acquire, protect, restore, and manage forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there.

Big Sur Fashion Show

Created as response to the 2008 Basin fires that devastated the Big Sur valley, Founders Lisa Goettel and Sara Carr decided that what the community needed was a joyful, uplifting celebration about its resiliency. Each year after that with sold out shows presented at The Henry Miller Library, the attendance grew and the designs became more and more intricate and fantastic. There is only one real “rule” for designers… use of traditional cloth to make their creations. Due to capacity restrictions at The Henry Miller Library, last year The Fashion Show moved to The Big Sur River Inn and sold out in minutes, just like in all previous years. We are coming another full circle to bring a joyous celebration about the community’s resiliency after one of the biggest fires in history and now torrential storms and a tumbled bridge. This year, the Big Sur Fashion Show, now a project of The Henry Miller Library will be a fundraiser for the Library and CPOA’s Big Sur Relief Fund to help the community recover and rebuild. Hosted at The Barnyard Shopping Village Carmel’s Event Center, we will be able to bridge Big Sur and the Peninsula and give many more people the opportunity to have a very special experience with this year’s theme “In Your Dreams”. We invite all attendees to dress in their favorite color or rainbow attire-to-inspire for our audience theme “Chasing the Rainbow” Our mission is to share, the talent of designers as an artistic expression of the magic of Big Sur, with each other and those who love us, as a way to heal, bond and celebrate community. And …..have a rockin’ party.