California Roots RESCHEDULED – Official Announcement Here

California Roots RESCHEDULED
Official Announcement Here

Festival Info

New Dates: Oct 9-10-11, 2020

Contact options and information below:

All current tickets will automatically transfer to October. In the event, you are unable to make the rescheduled event in October, you have the option to transfer your ticket to either 2021 or 2022 by sending a request below. If you have plans to attend in October, no further action is required.


Great news! All of our hotel partners can offer special discount rates for our new October dates.

If you booked a room via our hotel portal, you need to call the hotel to cancel your reservation. Please call the hotel directly (you can find the phone number on our portal) to cancel your May reservation and rebook for October.


Locker questions and inquiries, please email:

Our Values

Current events have made it crystal clear that Cali Roots must immediately commit to being an active, long term, loud ally to oppressed groups, using our platform to spread awareness, practice anti-racism and encourage our community to do the same. For a decade, we have been an innovative leader in the Reggae community regarding our dedication to environmental protection, philanthropy and ethical standards. It’s now time to be a leading voice in our community for social change. This isn’t a political issue, it’s a human rights issue. Enough is enough. Silence isn’t an option. The time for action is now.

The California Roots Music & Arts Festival is dedicated to creating a safe, creative space for all who participate. We commit to being active, long term allies to Black, Brown, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, Latinx, Peoples of Color, LBGTQIA+, Women and Disability communities, using our platform to spread awareness & encourage systematic change in the oppression of underrepresented groups.

To reflect the values of our organization, we are committed to expand diversity, inclusion and equity within our leadership, management, and staff, while educating ourselves and our community. This means learning about the history of oppression, systematic oppression, and becoming more aware of our biases, assumptions, habits, and ignorance. It means acting upon what we learn.

Cali Roots pledges to:

1. LISTEN to oppressed communities and what they are asking for from allies.

2. RECOGNIZE the Indigenous lands we live and work upon. Engage local leaders to inform appropriate cultural protocols and inclusivity.

3. ACKNOWLEDGE the history of Reggae music is rooted in Jamaica and ENGAGE Jamaican artists, creatives and leaders to guide us in the best way to share this history with our Community.

4. CREATE a council of partners dedicated to discussing & implementing actionable items to bring continuing awareness & change.

5. DONATE money and time to anti-oppression organizations.

6. COLLABORATE with nonprofit partners who are dedicated to making changes.

7. COMMUNICATE weekly actionable ways our community can participate in creating change.

8. CHOOSE to work with staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and other business partners whose values and commitments align with ours.

9. ENCOURAGE our community to vote for people who will stand for the policy changes needed to protect the oppressed.

10. CONTINUE to ENGAGE & INCLUDE our creative community in shaping events that serve the above goals.


All camping inquiries will be handled directly by
Laguna Seca.

Phone Number: (831) 242-8200

All current California Roots 2020 Glamping reservations are valid for Cali Roots 2020 to take place October 9-11, 2020.

In the event you are unable to attend in the fall, We have set up additional options:

  • Attend California Roots 12 in May 2021
  • Attend California Roots 13 in May 2022


California Roots Music Festival is a fully accessible event and we are continually trying to improve our accessible accommodations.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions from patrons.
For assistance & feedback please email:



All other questions and inquiries, Please email:

California Roots Ambassadors:
Contact your community manager directly for all Ambassador questions. You can find this info on the ambassador landing page.

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