Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid of Ocean Beach, California have been touring consistently with their  fusion of reggae, folk, rock, and blues with a bit of hip-hop, funk, metal and punk thrown into the mix,  for 17 years now.  Their loyal fans appreciate the commitment to music of this band whose co-founders are Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty.


Between their rigorous touring program , “We’re a touring act, and we’ve been on the road pretty much non-stop over the last decade,” explains Doughty , the band finds time to dedicate themselves to crafting more music in their own recording studio and rehearsal clubhouse which  is in the warehouse district of Mission Valley –  inland from their home base at Ocean Beach. This balance gives them the edge- they refine their sound and work on the massive groove their performances generate to keep audiences coming back for more of their trademark sound. The seven album catalogue from this group shows their commitment to creating music.


The bands studio has been created over the last three years and 2014 was spent investing in upgrades to equipment and innovations in the studio in order to give them the edge when laying down tracks for new albums highlighting their iconic sound. Having your own recording studio gives a band artistic freedom – they can lay down tracks at their own pace and work on refining their sound without the pressure of having to pay for commercial studio time and produce albums in a limited time-frame.




The band now has time to analyze songs as they work through the organic process of song-writing, and synthesizing their music talents to produce albums recording the stages of their musical journey. The official offices of Stoopid Records are housed in the loft space on the same property. The band prefers to distribute through their own label allowing them full control of the process.


Collaborating with friends and fellow musicians makes the band special both in live performances and in the studio. For the Top  of The World album they had Angelo Moore from Fishbone, G. Love, Barrington Levy, Don Carlos, Ian Neville from Dumpstaphunk, Tory Ruffin from Morris Day and the Time and Fishbone’s  singer-songwriter Angela  Hunte.


Slightly Stoopid are pioneers– after almost two decades in the music business they have their own studio, their own label, seven albums and a full touring itinerary enabling them to call the shots and create music that has audiences on their feet wanting more of the fusion folk-rock, reggae sound that put these California musicians on the map.


We are stoked to have Slightly Stoopid returning on Sunday May 24, 2015 at the 6th Annual California Roots Music and Art Festival.


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