In 2016 we achieved some major accomplishments towards our greening goals!

● Diverted 6,120 pounds of food waste from back-of-house vendor areas and public eating areas. (a 47.1 percent increase over our 2013 food waste collection and diversion, which was the first year we started the food waste program.)

● Attendees took advantage of Earthwell pint reusable container options, purchasing 6,744 reusable Klean Kanteen cups.

● 52,599 single-use cups diverted from the landfill.

● Reverb distributed 2,250 gallons of water through 3 water bottle refilling stations

● Trip Zero offset a total of 1,410,957 lbs of CO2 this year (more than a ten-fold increase from last year). That’s equivalent of taking 213 “average” cars off the road for an entire year!!

● Volunteers and staff brought in 34, 32-gallon bags of trash off the streets and surrounding areas.

● 417,000 single use water bottles were diverted per year from Nalgene sales by averaging the number of single use cups from pint sales people use per year

California Roots Festival is committed to being a zero-waste event, diverting all vendor organics and recyclables from the landfill as well as composting in public concession areas. The California Roots Festival will again collaborate with The Offset Project (TOP), a local nonprofit, to reduce its waste and associated environmental impacts, including emissions, and to conserve natural resources. TOP will work with vendors on purchasing only compostable and recyclable food ware, and will educate vendors on separating all compostable and recyclable materials in the back of the house. In the public concession areas, attendees will see zero-waste stations, consisting of recycling, composting and trash options, and manned by volunteers who will educate festival-goers on proper separation.


Earthwell will join forces with California Roots once again in an effort to improve our greening. Attendees are encouraged to bring an empty water container to the festival and utilize one of our many purified water refill stations, provided by Reverb. The Earthwell pint program is another opportunity for festivalgoers to not only continue our mission in becoming a fully green festival, but save money and return home with a unique souvenir.

In order to further conserve our environment, we not only encourage attendees to carpool to the event using Ricky Rides but even take into consideration using transportation that does not use a form of gasoline. Like years prior, the California Roots Festival will have a free bicycle and skateboard valet, so you can cruise to the show without having to worry of someone taking your ride.

Check Out Ricky Rides below:

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