In 2015 we achieved some major accomplishments towards our greening goals!

  • Diverted 5,560 pounds of food waste from back-of-house vendor areas and public eating areas. (a 30.5 percent increase over 2014 food waste collection and diversion, which was 4,260 pounds.)
  • Attendees took advantage of Klean Kanteen’s reusable container options, purchasing 4,872 reusable Klean Kanteen cups.
  • 29,232 single-use cups diverted from the landfill.
  • Klean Kanteen distributed 4,824 gallons of water through 4 water bottle refilling stations
  • The refilling stations diverted approximately 38,594 plastic water bottles
  • Trip Zero offset a total of 138,347 lbs of CO2 this year.
  • Volunteers and staff brought in 30, 32-gallon bags of trash off the streets and surrounding areas.

Greening_California_Roots_2016California Roots Festival is committed to being a zero-waste event, diverting all vendor organics and recyclables from the landfill as well as composting in public concession areas. The California Roots Festival will again collaborate with The Offset Project (TOP), a local nonprofit, to reduce its waste and associated environmental impacts, including emissions, and to conserve natural resources. TOP will work with vendors on purchasing only compostable and recyclable food ware, and will educate vendors on separating all compostable and recyclable materials in the back of the house. In the public concession areas, attendees will see zero-waste stations, consisting of recycling, composting and trash options, and manned by volunteers who will educate festival-goers on proper separation.

CR_Infographic_Green_08072015-01GPC (Green Pedal Couriers) has been serving the Monterey and Salinas areas since 2008 delivering food, court documents, medical specimens, promotional ads and posters for local art and music festivals.

Bicycle Valet Service

GPC started the bicycle Valet service in 2010 in partnership with Monterey Green Action of CSUMB. Basic duties are watching parked bicycles, parking and sticking number sticker on bike and writing down number on slip to give to customer, answering basic questions about GPC and what it does for the community. Our bike valet service allows others to ride rather than drive. So we are reducing traffic, air pollution, noise pollution, and road rage. We are encouraging clean air, resource conservation, and happy communities. Our valet station will be set up at Gate 7 this year.

California Roots also supports ride sharing to reduce traffic and our carbon footprint by adding a unique feature through RickyRides.

It’s here you can link up with folks from all over to offer or find a ride.

In order to further conserve our environment, we not only encourage attendees to carpool to the event using RickyRides but even take into consideration using transportation that does not use a form of gasoline. Like years prior, the California Roots Festival will have a free bicycle and skateboard valet, so you can cruise to the show without having the worry of someone taking your ride.

Check out Rickey Rides below:

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