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California Roots has partnered with Sector 9 Skateboards to bring you the official Bike and Skateboard Valet of the fest!  This is all powered by our friends over at Green Pedal Couriers! Ride your bike or skate from your hotel or parking down the way! The first 40 people that check in each day will get a custom Sector 9 hat! www.sector9.com


Green Pedal Couriers

GPC (Green Pedal Couriers) has been serving the Monterey and Salinas
areas since 2008 delivering food, court documents, medical specimens,
promotional ads and posters for local art and music festivals.

Bicycle Valet Service

GPC started the bicycle Valet service in 2010 in partnership with
Monterey Green Action of CSUMB. Basic duties are watching parked
bicycles, parking and sticking number sticker on bike and writing down
number on slip to give to customer, answering basic questions about
GPC and what it does for the community. Our bike valet service allows
others to ride rather than drive. So we are reducing traffic, air
pollution, noise pollution, and road rage. We are encouraging clean
air, resource conservation, and happy communities. Our valet station
will be set up at Gate 7 this year.

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