So High from Cali Roots 2016

Contrary to the popular stereotype of being an island girl with locs, I did not smoke any weed at the California Roots Festival. I know, but truth be told, I didn’t have to. Not because there was more than enough spliff in the air to do so, but because there... read more

Are you a cannabis card-holding member?

          In true, Friday before the 3-day weekend fashion, my friend Crishna and I left the too cool for school, tech-inspired vibe in Silicon Valley for a mini-road trip. After what was supposed to be a 1.5 hour drive, 3 hours later, we arrived for Day 1 of the... read more

Feeling Like a Kid Again

It’s not easy to single out one moment that defines a Music Festival like California Roots. Thousands of fans moving across the fairgrounds, a pink flamingo rising above the crowd, insane solo performances, banners flowing from flagpoles and backpacks. The... read more

The Inspiration Lives On

California Roots amazed me. I went into the festival on Friday morning, not knowing what to expect. Instantly as I entered the gates I was greeted by other Cali roots attendees and felt welcomed in a place that I knew was going to amazing. As the bands started to play... read more

Cali Roots Love Song

The Story Behind the Cali Roots Love Song I moved across the country from New Hampshire to find my dreams in California almost a decade ago, not quite knowing what to expect from it all. I never imagined I’d be sharing the same stage as artists like Slightly Stoopid,... read more